croppedI am a guy that had his life turned upside down by Jesus when he was twenty years old.

For the last quarter century plus, I have been learning how to follow him.  My passion is to help others do the same.  It doesn’t come easy, does it?  I am always learning, struggling, reaching and trying to learn more.  Jesus is always teaching though I can be slow to catch on.  I love to share what I learn so that others can better grab hold of the thing that Jesus offers.


That is why kevingreenwired.com exists!

About once a week, I will post a simple and practical article that will help you walk with Jesus and enter into the full life that only He can give.  Sign up to receive all my posts automatically by clicking to get your free worksheet on the upper right sidebar.  The worksheet is a great resource to help you overcome those stubborn temptations. Just enter your e-mail.

Here are a few of my most read posts to get you started:

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Embrace the struggle

You are praying about the wrong things.

I’d love to connect with you.  If you have questions about walking with Christ or just want to chat, use the form below.  I will shoot you an e-mail or do my best to answer your questions in a post.

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