Top 11 ways to never be close to God

close to god

I want to help you. Sometimes people get this crazy idea that if they could just be close to God that life would be so much better. Oh my! I want to save you from such an absurd notion. The last thing that you want to do is waste your time and energy trying to get close to God. Fortunately, there are some sure fire tips that will keep you far from God.

Never be close to God again.


1. Pursue any way to God that you like other than Jesus. Feel free to fill your time up with religion of all sorts. You can go with spiritualism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam…pick any cult that sounds fun, just do not follow Jesus Christ. That leads to a certain fate of growing intimacy with God.
2. Don’t read your Bible. The problem with the Bible is that it gives you the truth about God and life. Therefore, if you begin to follow it, you will find your life aligning with God and Boom! You find yourself close to God again. Put it on the shelf somewhere.
3. Rarely talk to God (and certainly don’t listen.) There is this powerful principle about relationships. They always rise and fall based on communication. The only safe way to maintain your distance from God is cut off all meaningful dialogue.
4. Ignore any impulses to obey God. The last thing that you want to do is make obedience a habit. God makes all these promises to bless and reveal himself to those who obey. It’s like a trap. You will find yourself extremely close to God. When you feel that little nudge to do what is right, rationalize it away and do something else.
5. Fill your life up with a lot of busyness. This really helps in keeping God at a distance. If you fill your life up with a bunch of other stuff, you will feel important. Other people will think that you have life all worked out and yet you will still maintain a safe buffer between you and God. Busyness is a fantastic way to squeeze God out of the way.
6. Skip Church. This is really easy but really important. Make up some good stories about how Jesus doesn’t really care whether you are a part of the church or not. Throw in some rationalizations about churches being full of hypocrites and judgmental people and never go there. If you go, you will end up finding loving people who are struggling to do there best. Before you know it, you would be enjoying community with them and getting closer to God. Avoid at all cost.
7. Take care of yourself and let others worry about themselves. You don’t want to get into the habit of caring for the needs of others. There is this strange thing that happens when you live like Jesus. You end up getting close to him.
8. Sin without remorse. This doesn’t seem to be a big problem today, but just in case you are tempted to think that sin matters to God, don’t be deceived. He really doesn’t think that it is a big deal and if you get all committed to holiness, it will be a big mistake. It is as if God is holy and when you are holy, the relationship gets better. Don’t risk it.
9. Do things your way.  It is a good thing that we prefer to do things our way. As soon as you start doing things God’s way, you end up building that relationship again.
10. Fill your heart and mind with lots of godless entertainment. Your heart is like this reservoir that takes in all the media that you read, watch and listen to you. If you fill your heart with a bunch of good stuff, it will start coming out in the way you live and you will become close to God. Don’t do that! Fill up with junk. That will help keep you focused on things other than God.
11. Make your comfort and your things a priority. This is a really enjoyable way to stay far from God. It is as if living a life of sacrifice makes God happy. Live for yourself and it won’t be a problem.

Well… there it is. Hopefully, this helps in keeping your distance from God, but be careful. When in doubt, just keep it simple. The Bible says “Come near to God and he will come near to you.” Avoid anything that approaches drawing near to God and you should be safe.


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