Top Posts of 2016


Well, 2016 is in the books.  I would like to extend my thanks for all the reads and shares.  Hopefully, you have been encouraged in your walk with Jesus along the way.

I posted less frequently in 2016, but I am planning on getting more quality material to you in the new year.  Learning to follow Jesus never stops.

Meanwhile, here are the most read new posts from 2016.  As always, I’d love it if you would play nice and share.


#1  Who does God say we should love.

#2  The best thing my wife ever said to me.

#3  Spiritual Life Checklist.


In overall reads, two posts from 2015 actually came in at #2 and #3.  I guess the search engine likes them.


Motivation:  What will sitting on the couch produce?

Why do you feel close to God in nature?


See you in 2017!!

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