Did you know THIS about the attributes of God?

attributes of god

The attributes of God are important, but there is something that you may not know that changes everything.

You are probably familiar with the usual discussion about God’s attributes.  God is ___________.  Fill in the blank.

God is love.

God is just.

God is merciful, etc.

Considering the attributes of God may just seem like an intellectual pursuit or a dry Sunday School lesson, but it’s much more than that.  A. W. Tozer said “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.”  

You see, this life with Jesus is a relationship.  It works like any other relationship.  We have to get to know one another and like Tozer implied how you think about God determines everything.

Here is something about the attributes of God that will transform how you think about them.

I was exposed to an idea back in Seminary that I had pretty much put into the filing cabinet until recently when it popped back into my mind.  It was something that Dr. Charles Ryrie wrote about in his book Basic Theology.  Twenty five years later, the significance of it makes me all the more amazed at my God.

Rather than referring to God’s attributes, he called them God’s perfections.

The idea is that in everything that helps define who God is, God is that thing… PERFECTLY.

So, why is that such a big deal?

Let’s think about it.  Consider any characteristic of God and meditate on what it means that God is absolutely perfect in that attribute.  There is no exception.  There is no compromise.  There is no time that he is not fully and perfectly that reality. And here is the incredible thing: because God acts toward us out of his nature, you can always count on him to be to be absolutely true to his perfections.

God is perfectly Holy.  You never have to question God’s motives or actions. How great is that?

God is perfectly Wise.  God has never made a mistake in your life. Wow!

God is perfectly Just.  The penalty of every one of your sins has been completely paid for by Jesus and the Father is perfectly satisfied.  Peace is ours!

God is perfectly Merciful.  You never have to wonder if your latest sin is one too many.  Mercy, grace, and forgiveness don’t run out.  Thank You, Jesus.

God is perfectly Loving.  God will never act in your life in a way that is not for your good.  He can’t.  He is perfect in love.  I can trust what God is doing whether I understand it or not.

The list could go on and on.  It would be a great exercise to take some time to think on the attributes of God and ask yourself, what are the implications of God being absolutely perfect in each of these characteristics.  Spend some time fleshing out each truth.  You can draw lots of important applications from each of God’s perfections.   I believe that you will come away filled with awe and gratitude that you have the opportunity to live in relationship with that kind of God.

Here is a pretty good list to get you started.  It’s also a printable PDF.

The better you get to know God, the more you will love him and live for him.  Take some time and get to know God better!




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2 thoughts on “Did you know THIS about the attributes of God?

  1. NOTE: The quote is not from C.S. Lewis, it is from A.W. Tozer’s book “The Knowledge Of The Holy,” in the first chapter.

    I found your article and it expressed my sentiment on the topic exactly. I am beginning a preaching series on the attributes of God and thought I’d read this article as part of my introduction to the subject. I’ll give you the credit, of course!

    Thank you.

    • You are right, Tozer. Not sure how I misquoted that. Thanks for the correction. I will make the change. May God use your teaching on God’s great perfections!