How to have a dynamic time with God

time with god

Time with God is essential to an intimate walk with God.

Christians have a variety of terms for time with God.  Some call it a devotional time.  Others call it a quiet time.  Some get more specific and have bible time or prayer time.  However you might refer to your time with God, it is vital.

The problem is that Christians know that time with God is important, but many struggle to experience it’s benefits.  Here is some help!

How to have a dynamic time with God

1.  Schedule time with God.

The biggest enemy to intimacy with God is busyness.  You can’t have a meaningful time with God if you never make the meeting.  It may not seem “spiritual” but you must have a plan for your time with God.  The busier you are, the more you need to schedule.  If your schedule varies a lot, make it your discipline to look at your schedule each night and decide when you can meet with God the next day.

2.  Give God your best time.

Many people debate when is the best time to seek God.  Jesus often rose early to get away and pray.  His example is always a good one, but Jesus never said this was the only way to do it.  I think time with God in the morning makes a lot of sense because it begins your day with God and tunes your heart and mind to his voice.  However, morning doesn’t work for everyone.  If you sleep through your time with God, it isn’t very beneficial.  My rule is simple:  Give God your best time.  God deserves your full attention.  Seek him when you can do that.

3.  Start with the right motivation.

Why do you want to spend time with God?  That is a critical question.  It reveals your motivation and motivation is everything.  Don’t spend time with God because your Pastor says it’s important.  Don’t spend time with God to avoid guilt.  Don’t spend time with God to check it off the good Christian “To Do” list.  Spend time with God because you desperately want to know Him better and grow into the image of Jesus Christ.

4.  Switch things up.

They say that variety is the spice of life.  It adds spice to your time with God too.  If you feel like your time with God is stuck in a rut, make a change.  Do something different.  It will breath new life into your devotional time.  You could read the bible in a different translation, spend time with God outdoors, go for a prayer walk or try a different bible study or prayer method.  Something that has been a huge blessing to me this year is going through a daily devotional book as a starting point for my time with God.  Experiencing God Day by Day by Blackaby has been awesome. I haven’t gone through a daily devotional book in years.  I prefer to just read and wrestle through the bible on my own, but this has been a refreshing change.  Variety!!

5.  Begin with expectation.

I have always loved Psalm 5:3.  It changed the way that I approach my time with the Lord.  It says “In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation.”  The first time that I read that passage it blew me away.  I wanted to approach God that way.  I wanted to come to him with faith overflowing into genuine expectation that as I sought him, I would find him.  If I could give you only one point of encouragement to transform your time with the Lord, it would be to deliberately begin with expectation.

How do you do that?

Pray.  Tell God what you are doing.  What if you started your time with God something like this:  “Dear God, I have set this valuable time aside to seek your face.  I want to know you better.  I want to understand your Word and let it change my life.  I have things in my life that desperately need your attention.  I need you and so I am here seeking you.  As I open your word and as I pray, I am expecting to hear your voice, experience your conviction and receive your direction.  Father, I give this time to you.  Have your way in me.  Amen.”

Pray something like that with heart and passion and I think you will notice something different.  God will show up.

Time with God is a vital point of connection in your spiritual life.  Take a little time to think things through before hand and it will make a huge difference.  Don’t go through the motions.  Make your time with God dynamic.


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