Stop complaining…take joy in Christmas


I love everything about Christmas.

To prolong the season, our family had our Christmas tree up prior to Thanksgiving this year.  For some of you, that violates the rules.  You get upset when Christmas music is played before December.  You bristle at the stores setting up there Christmas displays in October.  You want no sign of Christmas lights until the snow flies.


I love Christmas.  I am happy to have the season as long as possible.  Since childhood, I have loved all the small details of Christmas.

I take joy in foil wrapped chocolates…the warm glow of the Christmas tree…music sung by guys like Bing Crosby and Burl Ives…nativity scenes…Burgermeister Meisterburger…I even love watching those sappy Hallmark Christmas movies.

I enjoy it all and I’ve always had trouble understanding those who humbug it through Christmas.

I know that Christmas can be hard for some who have lost loved ones or don’t have happy holiday memories to draw from.

I know that Christmas can seem like a lot of work and running around.

I know that Christmas can place a lot of financial pressure on cash strapped families.

I also know that it bothers a lot of people that so much of Christmas seems void of Christ.

But, here is my counsel.

Take joy in Christmas anyway.

As I have written before, see here, joy is your choice.  You have absolute control over how you respond to life.  You can enjoy it or complain about it.  You can be happy or you can be miserable.  It really is up to you.

Christmas is here.  Take Joy.

I usually don’t watch a lot of goofy video clips people post on Facebook, but one caught my attention the other day and it made me think about how we respond to Christmas.

You can see the video here.  It is a simple video of a crow who had found a lid to a jar.  He flew up to a snow covered rooftop, stood on the lid and rode it down the roof like a sled.  He then flew to the top of the roof with the lid and sledded down the roof again and again.

Crows strike me as fairly dull creatures, yet here was this bird sledding down a roof over and over just for the fun of it.  God even built a capacity for joy into the crow.

You certainly have the capacity for joy.  There is so much to enjoy at Christmas.  You don’t have to start before Thanksgiving like we do, but don’t go Grinch either.  It doesn’t make any sense.

If you get to choose…which you do…choose joy.

Take pleasure in the beauty and blessings of the season.

Enjoy the friends and family in your life.

Most of all, remember, this is all about God coming to rescue you through his son, Jesus.

Take Joy!!

“But the angel said to them, Do not be afraid.  I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.  Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.” -Luke 2:10,11


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