My terrible assumption about God’s Will

God's will

Understanding how we know and discern the will of God has been a serious  and often confusing pursuit since becoming a Christian about twenty seven years ago. I’ve studied the bible.  I’ve read books.  I’ve listened to sermons.  Like many people, I just want to know God’s will so that I can do God’s will.  […]

Motivation, a Grizzly Bear and Jesus

Everything has been a chore lately.  Do you ever feel like that? I have to drag myself out of bed.  I have to push myself to read my bible.  I have to shame myself into running. Motivation has been a huge challenge.  That is one reason that always says that habits are more important […]

The wrong question to ask God

question for God

Questions are really important.  Questions are the fuel of learning.  As I’ve noted before, see here, a disciple is simply a learner.  If that is true, disciples should ask lots of questions.  It’s how we learn and grow. You may have heard it said that there are no dumb questions.  That is true enough.  Ask […]