How to change the world: Step One

To many Christians, the world seems to be breaking off it’s axis.  Culture is shifting in ways and at a pace that no one has ever seen before.  Every time that another social tremor rumbles across our world, confusion, fear and frustration come pouring out. My concern is always “what should my response be”  or […]

An unexpected path to growing

I’ve learned this lesson on growing before, but I often have to relearn the same lessons. Does that ever happen to you? Good. I hate being the only one. I’ve been struggling lately with feelings of discouragement, failure and frustration.  It’s a battle that I have to often fight and sometimes I don’t fight very […]

Winning, Charlie and Jesus


Winning is a term that got redefined a few years back by actor Charlie Sheen.  You can watch a drug fueled mash-up of Charlie Sheen “winning” quotes here.  It’s funny and sad all at once.  We might not agree with Charlie on the specifics of what is winning, but his concept took over. Charlie’s notion […]