Be somebody today


Be.  Be somebody.  Be somebody… today. I think big ambitions are good.  I appreciate a great vision for a church, a business, a life.  Set enormous goals and pursue them.  Absolutely.  But…don’t get lost in them…don’t wait for that glorious day of success to live or count yourself significant.  I’ve done that.  It’s frustrating. The […]

Do you want your time with God to be powerful?

time with god

Time with God.  Would you like your time with God to be more powerful…more intimate…more personal…more life changing? We have lots of opportunity to spend time with God in very specific ways…devoted ways.  Yes, he is with you always.  I’m not talking about that.  I am speaking of those moments where you intentionally seek God. […]

Embrace the struggle


Life is a struggle.  Many Christians don’t have room for that reality in their theology and it hurts them.  It has hurt me, but I’ve learned a lot about the struggle. Yesterday, we got hit with a snowstorm here in Michigan.  Heavy snow means that I have to go do battle with my nemesis, a […]