We are buying a camel for Christmas…really

christmas camel

Thanks have been given.  The turkey has been re-purposed five different ways and now it is on to Christmas.

What are you getting for Christmas or more importantly what are you giving?  We are giving a camel for Christmas…seriously…we are.  Maybe you should too.

The Christmas season is a time when we celebrate the rescue mission that God initiated by sending his son Jesus into the world.  We celebrate Christmas with decorations, songs of praise, parties, gift giving and Charlie Brown.  It is well worth all that and much, much more.  One of the best ways to honor the work of God is to continue it.  Here is one way that our family gets involved.

We have financially supported missionaries from Gospel for Asia for almost twenty years.  It is a mission organization that I deeply believe in because they train up native missionaries to effectively reach their own people groups and they do it with incredible financial efficiency.  They do a lot with a little.  And what they do is proclaim the gospel, win people to Christ, plant churches and care for the least of the least.

Each Christmas, Gospel for Asia publishes a Christmas Gift Catalog.  You can check it out here.  Our family pours through it and collectively we decide how to continue the mission of Jesus as a part of our Christmas celebration.  In the past, we have given gospel tracts and Bibles to equip missionaries.  You can do that for a few dollars.  Once, we put in a Jesus Well that supplied fresh water for a village that had none.  The well also becomes a point of significant outreach for local Christians.  That is a bigger gift, but you could save throughout the year or go in with friends to make it happen.  This year, we are giving a camel for Christmas.

I don’t know how the actual delivery happens, but I imagine a family waking up to an enormous camel in the living room with a big red bow tied around its neck.  I’m sure it doesn’t happen that way, but I do know it is going to change a family’s life.

Rajasthan is one of the hottest, driest places in India.  A camel can get a lot done there.  A camel can plow a field, provide transportation, haul goods, and provide milk.  The camel wool can even be woven into cloth.  Some family is going to be given this wonderful beast in the name of Jesus.  I think that is pretty cool.

I don’t know how you like to celebrate Christmas, but I would challenge you to find some way to be a part of God’s mission to offer life through Jesus Christ.  A gift through Gospel for Asia is one way.  Find yours and further this rescue mission started about 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem.







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