Best of 2014


The first year of is in the books.  Goodbye 2014.  Thanks for the support, reads and shares! I am anticipating more ministry in 2015 through Project M28 and better blogs and material on  You can help by subscribing to the blog and sharing the posts that you enjoy with others.  Most people find […]

What is Christmas really about?

christmas gift

Christmas is loaded.  It is full of parties, presents, music, ancient stories and much, much more.  But, what is Christmas all about?  The following is a short (only 11 minute) message that illustrates the heart of Christmas through the story of the greatest Christmas that I ever had.  My Dad made it happen.  Please listen […]

We are buying a camel for Christmas…really

christmas camel

Thanks have been given.  The turkey has been re-purposed five different ways and now it is on to Christmas. What are you getting for Christmas or more importantly what are you giving?  We are giving a camel for Christmas…seriously…we are.  Maybe you should too. The Christmas season is a time when we celebrate the rescue […]