When “whatever” happens

One irrefutable fact of life in this world is that “whatever” could happen at any moment.  The car might break down leaving you stranded on the way to work.  The phone could ring with joyous news that the cancer is gone.  The phone could ring with heartbreaking news that hope is lost.  You might meet […]

I made up a new spiritual discipline

Spiritual disciplines are simply habits or spiritual practices that can help us grow.  There is no official list.  The bible gives us lots of examples but doesn’t necessarily label them as disciplines or command us to practice them all.  Common spiritual disciplines include things like bible study, prayer, service, worship, solitude, simplicity, silence, journaling and […]

11 Reasons that God has you waiting

Waiting stinks.  Lately, I feel like I am stuck in God’s celestial waiting room with a pile of ancient magazines that I have no interest in reading.  Can’t we just get on with things already?  Haven’t I waited enough?  I’m like the psalmist who cries out “How long O Lord…”  I think that the instant […]

How to get past regret

Do you have any regrets?  I recently wrote on my struggle for happiness and the fear that unhappy feelings makes me a bad Christian.  You can read it here.  This fear pushes many of us to slap on a fake smile and hope no one discovers our secret.  Something really resonated because that one post […]