How to get out of a spiritual funk


I’ve been in a spiritual funk lately. Have you ever been there?  Maybe you are there. I’ve hardly gone to church all summer.  I’ve got lots of good reasons.  We’ve been busy.  We’ve been out of town.  We’ve traveled more than we ever have.  But, in reality, I just haven’t felt like it. My time […]

How to let Jesus disciple you


Jesus was a disciple maker.  He still is and he wants to disciple you. As I always emphasize, a disciple is a learner…a learner…a student of Jesus Christ.  You can read more on that here and here. It is a pretty exciting reality that Jesus Christ, the resurrected Savior of the world has a personal […]

Spiritual Life Checklist

Are you on the right track with God?


How do you know if you are on the right track with God?  It can all seem a little vague and confusing at times.  A checklist…that might be helpful. James gives such a checklist in James 1:26,27. “Those who consider themselves religious and yet do not keep a tight rein on their tongues deceive themselves, […]

The Compassion of Christmas

compassion christmas

I’ve never been great at compassion.  My attitude trends toward wanting people to take personal responsibility.  I have,however, been growing in compassion over recent years and I’m glad because it is more reflective of God. As Christmas approaches, I like to read through the story again and see where God directs me.  By the way, […]

Stop complaining…take joy in Christmas


I love everything about Christmas. To prolong the season, our family had our Christmas tree up prior to Thanksgiving this year.  For some of you, that violates the rules.  You get upset when Christmas music is played before December.  You bristle at the stores setting up there Christmas displays in October.  You want no sign […]