Training camp-you need it.

training camp

As summer advances, the next season begins to come into view.  Football season.  It is the best of all seasons for reasons so obvious that they need not be mentioned.  But, before the games begin comes something that all football players dread, training camp.  They are long, hot, miserable days of practice, study and conditioning.  […]

Father’s Day-The best lesson my Dad ever taught me

Father’s Day is a little sweeter this year.  Back in January, my Dad survived emergency surgery and eleven days in the ICU at a Chilean hospital while traveling internationally.  A Father’s Day celebration was no sure thing and so I am grateful and reflective as it arrives.  As I often stress, disciples are learners.  One […]

Staying with prayer

I’ve been staying with prayer this week.  A few weeks ago, I wrote about the spiritual discipline of staying with a message.  You can check it our here.  The idea is that we might be better served by keeping our focus on something that God is saying to us rather than rushing to the next […]

I made up a new spiritual discipline

Spiritual disciplines are simply habits or spiritual practices that can help us grow.  There is no official list.  The bible gives us lots of examples but doesn’t necessarily label them as disciplines or command us to practice them all.  Common spiritual disciplines include things like bible study, prayer, service, worship, solitude, simplicity, silence, journaling and […]

Three wrong turns that will kill your spiriutal life

Everyone who drives has shared a common experience, getting lost.  We set out with a destination in mind, but for a variety of reasons, we get off track and end up somewhere that we never intended.  Life works like that too.  We have goals and destinations in mind, but sometimes we take a few wrong […]