A question that can transform your bible study

bible study

Sometimes Christians like to act like they have all the answers.  I hate that.  Besides being annoying, the problem is that when you have all the answers, you stop learning.  I will remind you often that we are called to be disciples and disciples are learners.  A disciple isn’t a status of maturity.  A disciple […]

Something happened in worship


Something happened in worship recently. Something happened in Sunday worship that is helping me worship daily. I think most of us understand that worship is something that we do musically in a corporate gathering of the church and worship is something that we do daily as we live lives devoted to Jesus.  That truth has […]

Maturity. Want to know if you are spiritually mature?


Measuring spiritual maturity is a pretty tricky proposition.   Some  people point to the practice of rigorous spiritual disciplines.  Some people point to the presence of certain spiritual gifts.  Others point to their favorite character traits as the mark of maturity.  Probably the most common mark of maturity in the church is knowledge.  If you know […]

Learning from sin


You will sin today.  Stinks, doesn’t it?  You will think nasty things about your feeble co-worker.  You might curse that person driving 40 in a 55 when you are running late.  You will _______________ again even though you swore yesterday to never do it again.  As the Lord said to Cain, “sin is crouching at […]