How is your fighting power?

Have you been in any fights today?  I’ll bet that you have.  If not, they are coming.  The alarm clo ck goes off…you are in a fight.  Will you get your workout in?  Will you spend time in God’s Word?  Time to head to work…you are in a fight.  What will your attitude be?  Will […]

Do you know your mission?


Mission makes all the difference.  A strong sense of mission gets you up in the morning.  Mission can carry you through unimaginable obstacles.  A clear mission fills you with purpose and joy. Do you know your mission? Jesus knew his mission and as in all things, he set the perfect example for us.  I recently […]

How to make someones day through a simple prayer

You can do this!!


Prayer has the power to accomplish great things because it enlists the power of a great God.  Here is a simple way that you could pray and make someones day, today. I am amazed at how easy it is to let things slide…things that we know are important…things that we value…things that we want to […]

How to change the world: Step One

To many Christians, the world seems to be breaking off it’s axis.  Culture is shifting in ways and at a pace that no one has ever seen before.  Every time that another social tremor rumbles across our world, confusion, fear and frustration come pouring out. My concern is always “what should my response be”  or […]

Be somebody today


Be.  Be somebody.  Be somebody… today. I think big ambitions are good.  I appreciate a great vision for a church, a business, a life.  Set enormous goals and pursue them.  Absolutely.  But…don’t get lost in them…don’t wait for that glorious day of success to live or count yourself significant.  I’ve done that.  It’s frustrating. The […]

We are buying a camel for Christmas…really

christmas camel

Thanks have been given.  The turkey has been re-purposed five different ways and now it is on to Christmas. What are you getting for Christmas or more importantly what are you giving?  We are giving a camel for Christmas…seriously…we are.  Maybe you should too. The Christmas season is a time when we celebrate the rescue […]

Good service could make you an evangelist.


When is the last time that you got really good service? I got some incredible service yesterday that got me thinking about how it could make us compelling heralds for Jesus. I was in a slight panic the last few days.  I logged into this website to discover that it was down…inaccessible.  My domain,, […]