Motivation, a Grizzly Bear and Jesus

Everything has been a chore lately.  Do you ever feel like that? I have to drag myself out of bed.  I have to push myself to read my bible.  I have to shame myself into running. Motivation has been a huge challenge.  That is one reason that always says that habits are more important […]

Winning, Charlie and Jesus


Winning is a term that got redefined a few years back by actor Charlie Sheen.  You can watch a drug fueled mash-up of Charlie Sheen “winning” quotes here.  It’s funny and sad all at once.  We might not agree with Charlie on the specifics of what is winning, but his concept took over. Charlie’s notion […]

Something happened in worship


Something happened in worship recently. Something happened in Sunday worship that is helping me worship daily. I think most of us understand that worship is something that we do musically in a corporate gathering of the church and worship is something that we do daily as we live lives devoted to Jesus.  That truth has […]

Three wrong turns that will kill your spiriutal life

Everyone who drives has shared a common experience, getting lost.  We set out with a destination in mind, but for a variety of reasons, we get off track and end up somewhere that we never intended.  Life works like that too.  We have goals and destinations in mind, but sometimes we take a few wrong […]

Jesus is the only One

Every day we venture out into the world and we look to all sorts of things to help us, guide us, change us and make us happy.  The latest infomercial expert is going to transform your body in just twenty minutes a day.  Dr. Phil is going to sort out all your inner struggles and […]

Discipled by Toby Mac

Last night, I was remodeling my daughters room.  I am painting the walls Oatlands Velvet Night.  That means purple.  While working, I was getting discipled by Toby Mac, my favorite musical artist.  Now, Toby didn’t have a brush in his hand.  He wasn’t here.  He was probably on tour or back home in Tennessee.  But, his […]