50 things to love about Christmas


Christmas is a joy to me.  I’ve always loved each and every part of it.  When I became a follower of Christ, my heart for Christmas only grew.  I have never understood the Scrooges of the season.  I realize that sometimes the losses of life get magnified during the holiday and that is hard.  My mom has been gone for over 25 years and I still miss her during Christmastime.  Yet, there is so much to cherish during Christmas.

This is my 50th Christmas.  So, here is my personal list of 50 things, sacred and secular, that I love about Christmas.

50.  It’s not just a day.  It’s a whole season!

49.  Foil wrapped chocolates.

48.  God so loved the world that he…

47.  Well wrapped Christmas gifts.

46.  Snowflakes cut out from folded paper.

45.  The courage of Joseph.

44.  The willingness of Mary.

43.  Frankenmuth, Michigan.

42.  Hand made ornaments.

41.  Bumbles bounce.

40.  Fulfilled prophecy 700 years in the making (Is 7:14/Mt 1:23).

39.  Lot’s more fulfilled prophecy, see here.

38.  Giving generously.

37.  Burgermeister Meisterburger.

36.  God providing Elizabeth to support Mary.

35.  Jesus relieving me of the chain I forged link by link and yard by yard.

36.  “O Come, O Come,  Emmanuel.  And ransom captive Israel.”

35.  Remembering the people and stories behind each ornament on the tree.

34.  Saying “Francisco.”

33.  Family drive to look at Christmas lights.

32.  Cutting down your own Christmas Tree.

31.  Fruitcake…just kidding.

30.  Imagining the sky filled with an angelic army proclaiming peace to the world.

29.  Christmas dinner with the whole family.

28.  Carol of the Bells.

27.  The consolation of Israel.  See here.

26.  Saving your stocking for last.

25.  Setting up the Christmas Village.

24.  Taking joy in your children’s joy.

23.   The Magnificat.  See here.

22.  Public Nativity Scenes.

21.  The humility of the stable.

20. A zillion varieties of Christmas cookies.

19.  Gospel for Asia Christmas gifts.  See here.

18.  Christmas Eve Service by candlelight.

17.  Krispy Kringles.

16.  “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

15.  It’s a Wonderful Life.

14.   Burl Ives, Bing Crosby or Perry Como singing any Christmas song.

13.  Magi.

12.  A God in relentless pursuit.

11.  Special Christmas dishes.

10. Cousin Eddie.

9.  The Incarnation.  “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.”  -John 1:14

8.  The Grinch’s heart grew three sizes and so can ours.

7.  The Christmas story told a little differently.  See here.

6.  A Red Ryder carbine action two-hundred shot range model air rifle.

5.  We are all misfit toys, but He came for us.

4.  “I have come to seek and to save that which was lost.”

3.  Herod failed.

2.  “I have come that you might have life and have it to the full.”

1.”Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.”


I could write another 50 without blinking.  There is nothing like God on a mission to save and the celebration that surrounds it.  What’s on your list?  Let me know.

Take joy this season and please share if this reminded you of it.



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