When will you REALLY make the change?


What is it that you want to change?

Do you want to fit into your clothes from five years ago?  Do you want to become close to God?  Do you want to use your life for something that matters?  Do you want your marriage to ignite again?  Do you want to pursue that lifelong dream?

What do you want?

When are you going to do it?

When are you going to take real steps toward change?

I was reading in Exodus recently and one word from the mouth of Pharaoh stopped me in my tracks.


Moses was seeking the release of God’s people from the grips of Pharaoh.  A series of ten plagues began in order to persuade Pharaoh to take action.  The Nile had already been turned to blood and now frogs were covering the land of Egypt.  You can read the whole story here.

Pharaoh called upon Moses and begged him to pray to the Lord and ask him to stop this plague.  He would let the people go.  Moses makes an unusual gesture and asks Pharaoh when he wants him to pray.  His answer?


What?  Why would he want to wait until tomorrow?  The nation was covered in frogs.  It was disgusting.  It was impossible to conduct normal daily activities. It was a national health hazard.  Frogs were everywhere.

When do you want this problem to be rectified?  Let’s wait till tomorrow.

Now, I don’t know what was on Pharaoh’s mind, but I know that we respond to things the same way.  Our life can be crawling with slimy frogs and the best time to take action is always tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will make the change.

Tomorrow we will eat right and start that workout program.

Tomorrow we will read our Bibles…pray…get back to church.

Tomorrow we will reach out and begin to repair that relationship.

The problem with tomorrow is that a lot can happen by then.  And…there is always another tomorrow, tomorrow.

What about today?  What about now?  What about deciding what is really important to you, making a plan and getting after it?

Nike had a great campaign slogan a number of years ago.  It was “Yesterday, you said tomorrow.” 

I don’t want to live my life surrounded by all my personal frogs.  I want to learn.  I want to grow.  I want to change.  I want to do.  That has to start today.  Tomorrow is always in the future.  Change can only happen in the present.

A lot can happen by tomorrow.  When tomorrow came for Pharaoh.  He changed his mind.  He wasn’t letting his slaves go and it was on to the plague of the gnats.  He wasn’t willing to change until he had lost everything.

Today is a must better option.

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