A Great Prayer for your Kids…or anyone else


The other night I was praying for my kids and a simple request popped into my mind.  It was a great prayer for our kids or anyone else for that matter.

Often, we are focused on the challenging aspects of our spiritual lives.

We are engaging in spiritual disciplines.  We are working to overcome sinful habits.  Maybe we are being challenged to serve God in some difficult way or to sacrifice for the kingdom.

Our prayers often align with these pursuits.  I think this is especially true regarding our kids.  We pray that they would make good choices.  We pray that God would teach them the hard lesson of selflessness.  We pray that God would help them to stand up for their faith.  These are all important things because the spiritual life is a battle.

But…it is more than that.

Here is a great prayer for your kids

Pray that your kids would ENJOY their walk with Jesus.

This is so vitally important.

If your children only see their faith as a set of rules to obey and battles to fight, they will miss out and maybe drop out.

It has to be more.  It has to be a walk with Jesus.  It has to be a walk with Jesus that they enjoy.  It has to be life giving.  It has to be joyful.  It has to be satisfying.

Those are the things that will propel them forward into a life of greater devotion to Jesus Christ.  Training them to just be good rule keepers won’t do that.

This is true for all of us and this is the intention of Jesus.

Remember, the offer is life (John 10:10).  The offer is pasture (John 10:9).  The offer is a soul whose thirst is quenched (John 4:14) and whose hunger is satisfied (John 6:35).  And…the offer is much, much more.

This life with Jesus is intended to be enjoyed.

What a great prayer for your kids.

What a great prayer for yourself.

What a great prayer for the church.

Imagine the testimony that we would have to the world if we simply enjoyed this adventure with Jesus.

People are not looking for religion.  They are looking for life.

Let’s show them a life enjoyed…a life with Jesus.


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