How to find delight in your life


Delight…what kind of images does that word conjure up for you?

I think of pure, unadulterated moments of pleasure and joy like sitting next to the blaze of a warm fire after the temps dip below freezing.  I think of watching the sunset over Lake Superior from the pier in Grand Marais, Michigan.  I think back to the embrace of my mom after a long day at school.


What delights you?

What stirs that experience in your heart?

Take a minute…really.  Where do you find delight?

There is a passage in the bible that is often quoted but I fear, rarely practiced.  It is Psalm 37:3.  You know it.

“Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

We like that verse.  It flows.  The promise is off the charts.  God wants to give me the desires of my heart.  It sounds fantastic!

And yet, if I asked you what you were striving for in your walk with God, I’ll bet that delighting in him would not be the first thing to come to your mind.

You might think obeying.

You might think serving.

You might think growing.

All good things, but, you probably wouldn’t think delighting.

I mean, how many of us are strategizing ways to become better at delighting in the Lord?

I haven’t been, but I am going to start.

According to King David, delight in the Lord brings the blessing of the Lord.

Why?  That would be a pretty good question.

I think that we find most of what we need to know from the author himself.  David was characterized as a man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22).  That is what God is seeking…men and women who have hearts for God.  People who love him.  That is the greatest commandment, right?  That was kinda the idea of the very first commandment too.  You shall have no other gods before me.

Behind all of that is a simple reality.  God isn’t looking for people to dutifully follow a list of rules.

God is longing for people who find delight…in him.

Are you looking at your walk with God through those binoculars?

Think about your own life…your own relationships.  What are you after?  Do you want a spouse, kids, students, employees or friends who respond to you out of obligation or delight?

Delight says something about how someone feels about you.  It is a commentary on the response of their heart and God is after that in you.

Sometimes, delight is hard to find in this life.  There is so much negativity sucking up the oxygen in our world that it can pull you down deep.  If the things of this world are your hope for joy, it will be a constant roller coaster of experience.  The good news is that the best object for delight makes it easy.

We are to delight in the Lord and he is delightful.

The better you get to know God and what he is like and how he moves, the more your heart will fill up with him.  But, you must be deliberate.

Read the Bible and ask:  What is this telling me about God?  It is revealing him.

Live your life and ask :  What is God saying to me in this?  He is speaking what you need.

Look at every good thing and ask:  Who made this…who gave this…who thought this up? God did.

The more you seek God and a revelation of himself in all things, the more you will see how remarkable he is and be moved to delight.

Pursue delighting…enjoying…savoring the Lord.  Be quick to give thanks and worship.  It makes God happy and moves his hand to bless because it reflects our love and tells him that He has our hearts.


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