The 4 most important things about your weakness


I hate weakness.  When I lack the ability or skill or resources to accomplish a task, it often sends me spiraling toward anger, discouragement and self condemnation.

Why can’t I figure out how to edit this pdf file…because I’m an idiot.

Why don’t I have the equipment necessary for this job…because I’m a failure at providing for my family.

Why did I just commit that same sin again…because I’m terrible at following Jesus.

Weakness.  Weakness.  Weakness.

I read a statement from Henry Blackaby this week that slapped me in the face.  He said “Do not despise your weakness for it leads you to trust in God’s strength.”

What a great statement!

I do despise my weaknesses.  I wish I had different abilities…different resources and I wish I was stronger in the ones that I do posses.

Do you know what that really means?

It means that my true desire is to be able to live without having to depend on anyone else including God.  I want to be independent and self sufficient in all my ways.


Self sufficient.

Those sound like high ideals.  Those sound like the highest of American values. It also sounds like sin which causes us to miss out on God’s best.

Four blessings of weakness.

1. Weakness cultivates humility.

If we had all the resources, all the knowledge and all the ability, we would be tempted to leave God out of our lives.  Like he did with the Apostle Paul, see here, God will even insert weakness into our life so that confidence in our own abilities does not take His place.  Humility puts us in position to receive God’s favor.  The Bible says here that God is for the humble but against the proud.  I want God for me.

2.  Weakness moves us toward deeper relationship with God. 

Need is often the thing that drives us to God.  Sure, we are looking for help, but in that pursuit, we develop our relationship with God.  We grow in faith.  We learn to pray.  We witness his faithfulness.  Then, we get to tell others about what God did and who knows how he might use that testimony.

3.  Weakness encourages us to embrace community.

It’s hard to ask others for help.  I hate feeling like I’m imposing on other people, but we have to get over that.  I find that most people are anxious to help.  God designed us to function together and not alone.  Without weakness, we would miss out on the joy of community in which every weakness is compensated by someone else’s strength.  And, not only do things get done, but friendships grow faster as we serve together.

4.  Weakness brings better results.

I often muddle through things and get mediocre results.  There really is a better way.  Whether it is God coming through on my behalf or another gifted person using their abilities, weakness allows me to get better results because I enjoy the outcome of expertise.

More and more, I realize that the key to all things is how we choose to respond to them.

Weakness is easy to despise, but my goal is to look at it differently.  I want to see weakness as an opportunity for God to show up strong in my life.  I want to see it as a chance to grow in community.  I want to see it as God’s plan to give me his very best.  The main ingredient necessary is a little humility.




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