How to let Jesus disciple you


Jesus was a disciple maker.  He still is and he wants to disciple you.

As I always emphasize, a disciple is a learner…a learner…a student of Jesus Christ.  You can read more on that here and here.

It is a pretty exciting reality that Jesus Christ, the resurrected Savior of the world has a personal mission to teach you and grow you up into the image of God.  He really wants to do that!

So, how do we cooperate with his mission and let Jesus disciple us?

The answer to that question can go in a lot of different directions.  I write a lot on spiritual disciplines as a practical way to enter into spiritual training with Jesus.  Disciplines are never an end in themselves.  They are simply a deliberate way to draw close to Jesus and let him speak into your life.

Here, I want to propose another way to let Jesus disciple you.

In Luke 9:23, Jesus said “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.

Jesus is talking here about the essentials of discipleship.  I don’t want to break down the whole passage, but simply highlight the necessity of daily following Jesus.

This includes seeking his direction and counsel.  This includes obeying his Word and his leading.  This includes trusting him and much more.   But, I want to suggest another way that you can let Jesus teach and disciple you through your daily living.

Let God reveal himself to you through your daily needs.

We all have needs everyday, right?  I believe God wants to use those needs to teach us.

I think most people agree that you learn the most through actual experience.  Daily life is often the best teacher and Jesus is happy to use it to grow you up.

I want to challenge you to look at the daily events of your life from a different perspective.  They are not just tasks to undertake or obstacles to overcome.  They are opportunities for God to teach you about himself.

This is very simple, but very powerful.

We sing songs of worship every Sunday about how great and inexhaustible God is.  We declare how he loves well and is the answer to every need.  So, put that into practice and let God reveal those realities on a daily basis.

When you feel overwhelmed and anxious…ask God to show himself as the Prince of Peace.

When you are confused and uncertain…ask God to show himself as your counselor and giver of all wisdom.

When you are facing financial need…ask God to show himself as your provider, the one with endless resources.

When you feel weak…ask God to show himself strong.

When you feel guilty…ask God to show his love, grace and mercy.

There is an old joke that says something about if you ever get asked a question in church, answer Jesus.  Well, there is a certain truth to that.  God is the answer to whatever we face in our lives.  Inviting God into our daily lives, needs and experiences, gives God the chance to teach us about his character, his ability and his devotion to us.

The more we grow to understand who God is and rely upon him, the more mature we will be.

Jesus wants to disciple you today.

Invite him in.


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