The Deception of Biblical Knowledge


Knowledge is important to me.

I like to study, think and learn.

I believe that the Bible is the very Word of God.  It is breathed by God.  It is truth.

Because Christians hold this high view of the Bible, we hold knowledge of the Bible in high regard.  We listen to sermons each week at church.  We attend Bible studies and discuss the Scripture.  We try to set time aside on a daily basis to read the Bible.  We read books about THE BOOK.  Technology affords us the opportunity to listen to Bible teachers from all over the world at any time.

If someone demonstrates a strong knowledge of the Bible, we make them Pastors, teachers, and leaders.  They receive respect and responsibility.  But, here is a warning:

Biblical Knowledge can be deceiving.

I have known people who complimented my sermons on adultery and then went and committed it.

I have known people who could quote more Scripture than me to be hateful.

I have known people who could teach an amazing Bible lesson and be living a secret life.

Knowledge is not the mark of spiritual maturity.

Knowledge is only important when you let it do it’s work in your life.  Maturity is a lot less about what you know and more about what you do.

Jesus made this real plain in his Sermon on the Mount.  You can read the whole thing in Matthew 5-7, but the part I love the most is the story he tells about two home builders in chapter 7.  You can read it here.

One guy built a house on a shaky foundation and when a storm came, it crashed to the ground.  Another guy built a house on a solid foundation and when a storm came, it stood strong.

Jesus compared these two guys to Christians that knew their Bible.  Both had knowledge…both could quote the Scripture…both led a weekly bible study.  Knowledge of the Bible was not the issue!

The issue was that one man obeyed the Bible and the other did not.

Knowing what Jesus says and not doing it is like a foolish builder.  Your house looks good.  You might impress some people.  You might have everyone fooled, but when the storms of life come, things are going to crumble because your foundation is on sand.

A strong life doesn’t come by mastering Bible trivia.  It comes by doing what the Bible says.  Then, when the storms of life rage…and they will…your house will stand because you built wisely on the rock.  God’s ways see you through.

Sand or stone?

Empty knowledge or Obedience?

Foolish or Wise?

Weak or Strong?

You can know the Bible and be on either side.

It seems like the wise thing to do is to start obeying the truths of the Bible that we already know.

That should keep me busy.  How about you?


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