Motivation: What will sitting on the couch produce?


Motivation.  We always need more.  Here is where I found some extra motivation this morning.

I was tired.  I had worked a couple long days.  My Spartan Race and Warrior Dash were behind me.  I definitely didn’t feel like working out.  It was a perfect storm for staying on the couch.

Dreading my workout, I said out loud to myself “I just want to be fat and lazy.

I immediately got off the couch and went running.

What happened?

I (completely by accident) verbalized the negative results of inaction.  I put into concrete terms the results of sitting on the couch.  I would get fat and lazy.  I don’t really want to be fat and lazy, so I hit the trail and ran and did burpees and put in the work.

I find that I have to keep coming at motivation from different directions.  I need to keep finding different things that push me to move forward and stay with good habits.  Looking at the fruit of inaction helped get me going today.

Here is a huge question.


What will sitting on the couch spiritually produce?


Ignore your Bible and you will be ill equipped to…

obey God

teach your children

discern truth from error

implement daily wisdom

know the will of God

recognize your sins

hear from the Holy Spirit

serve Jesus

share the gospel

Ignore prayer and you will be…

spiritually dry

disconnected from God

lacking in spiritual power

vulnerable in the spiritual battle

impotent to help others

Ignore the fellowship of the church and you will be…


lacking the encouragement, love and support of others

missing the strength of community

spiritually undeveloped

leaving others in need because they missed out on your ministry to them

How is that for motivation?

I don’t want any of those things to characterize me, but they will if I don’t get off the couch and spiritually engage.  Those are some pretty serious consequences and that is just a small sample of the hazards of spiritual inaction.  Don’t let those things be true of you.  Get off the couch.  Pursue Jesus.  Pursue growth.  Pursue life.

What motivation is helpful for you in your walk with Jesus?  Let me know in the comment section.  I’d love to here from you.

If you don’t always feel like doing what you know you should do, check out another post here. I think it will help.

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