Your #1 painful mistake in pursuing happiness

Happiness…we all want it.

Happiness…we all struggle to get it.

That’s true, isn’t it?

I’ve written before about my struggle for happiness.  My most popular post ever was on the subject.  You can find that here.

I am learning…and it’s all about learning…to choose happiness.  Here is a great story about my adventure to choose it.  This is really a companion truth to the reality that happiness is a choice.

There is a huge mistake that we all make in our pursuit of happiness.

We attach conditions to our happiness.

We all have our personal happiness kits and we think that when we assemble all the right things in our kit…then we will be happy.

As soon as I…..fill in the blank….I will be happy.

What is in your blank?

What conditions are you placing on your happiness?

As soon as I…graduate, get a better job, buy  a bigger house, find the right person, get out of debt, discover my ministry, get some new clothes, retire…THEN  I will be happy.

I doubt it.

If you can’t be happy now, you probably won’t be happy then.

Here is why:  the list never gets completed, it just gets new items.  We always hunger for something else.  There is always something we lack.  There is always a reason that we can’t be happy today.  Peace…joy…happiness, they run and hide.  We attach conditions to our happiness and so we put off happiness.

It’s not what we lack that makes us unhappy.

It’s not the fact that we desire that makes us unhappy.  Desire is essential and it will always be there.

It’s the fact that we actually choose to make our happiness conditional and that only brings pain.

Conditions demand that we put off happiness until SOMEDAY  in the future when our happiness kit is fully assembled.  Do you realize what that means?  It means that today, we are choosing to be unhappy and unsatisfied.

Why would we want to do that to ourselves?

Hopes are wonderful…dreams are great…desire is an essential part of our being.  The solution isn’t to eradicate those things.  The solution is to simply take joy in today even while you may hope for something more in your future.

Don’t wait to be happy.  Be happy.

Someday is a hope.  Today is your life.

In defiance of all the things that shout that you should not be happy, choose to be happy today.

“But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you.”    -Ps 5:11


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