Is your home a haven that revives your spirit?


I spent most of last week away from home, traveling for work.  After being gone the entire week, I got to do one of my favorite things.  I went to the home screen on my GPS and hit the button  GO HOME.

I love that button for one simple reason.  I love home.  I love being home.  When I am away, I just want to go home.

Do you feel the same way?

Is home a place of joy for you?

Does it strengthen and restore you?

I’m sure for some, it is not.  It may be a place of conflict.  It may be a place where broken dreams reside.  It may just be four walls and a roof.

Do not settle for your home being less than a haven that revives your spirit!

If it is a struggle at home or just less than you would like it to be, this is something that you will have to fight for.  So fight.  More on that here.

Your home serves as the basecamp of your life.  If things are not right there, it is difficult for them to be right anywhere.  Do not settle.  Fight for better.  Fight for more.  Fight for your husband…your spouse…your children…for a place that breathes life into your soul.

A home has two important components.

A home is people and a home is property.

Obviously, it is the people that matter most, but the environment in which we live is important too.

Our home is the physical environment in which we reside.

This physical environment can have a huge impact on our physical, emotional and spiritual well being.  The study here links poor housing conditions to inferior performance in school and emotional and behavioral issues in children.  This is often a result of the stress that these conditions put upon parents which negatively impact their marriage and parenting.

I point this out to simply make the point that our physical environment has a demonstrable effect upon us.

My wife and I love to travel and camp through Northern Michigan.  Like many people, I used to go through The Back from Vacation Blues.  The experience of being up north in a rustic environment always filled my soul, but the trips would always be over too quickly.  Then I had the vision.  I wanted to live like I was on vacation all the time.  I wanted my family to enjoy a home environment that was like the one that we all enjoyed so much.

This resulted in buying twenty acres of pine forest in Northern Michigan and building a log cabin with our own hands.  That cabin is our home and base camp for life and ministry.  Every time I pull up my steep driveway and see our home nestled in the pines I experience peace and rest flowing over me and I thank God for his generosity.

I realize that everyone isn’t going to pick up and move to the woods like we did.  I also realize that for some, your resources may dramatically affect your ability to currently create the home of your dreams.  However, you can think about your physical home in a different way.

What could you do to create a place that was restful and joyful?

What could you do to create a place that your children will love growing up?

What would a space or a room look like that was a great place to meet with God each day?

Your physical home environment has a huge influence on you and your walk with God.  Something as simple as a comfortable chair in a quiet corner may be just the thing that makes some time with God inviting.

We all have limitations.  Don’t let those derail you.  What could you do to make your physical home a haven for you and your family?

Our home is the people we live with.

I hope that you look forward to the time you get to enjoy with your family.  I hope that you enjoy deep nurturing relationships.  Above all else, home is about the people that we share our lives with regardless of the house we live in.  People matter most.

The reality, however, is that people are also difficult…yes, even Christian people.

You may be experiencing a deep divide in your marriage.

You may feel distant from your children.

You may sense more unrest when you pull up your driveway than peace and rest.

Maybe, there are no great issues, but maybe there is no great joy either.

God’s desire for you is so much more. 

Do not be content.  Contentment is a funny word that usually gets used wrongly, but I deeply believe in a holy discontent that should burn in our soul when we have less than God’s desire for our relationships.  It must push us to deliberately enter into relationships and pursue intimacy.

Make no mistake about it, this is hard work.  Work that most are unwilling to do.  It is easier to remain at a distance.  It is less messy that way, but you sacrifice the rich relationships that God desires for you.

I don’t know where you are or what the dynamics of your relationships are in your home.  However, I do know that you can make the choice to love and love deeply.

That may mean some acts of care and nurture.

That may mean some repenting.

That may mean forgiving and letting go of past wounds.

That may mean initiating some sensitive conversations.

That may mean seeking the help of a pastor or counselor.

Whatever it might mean in your circumstances, choose it.

What can you do in order to deepen the relationships in your home?

A home is property and people.  What will you do to create a haven for yourself and those you love?


My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.”

-Isaiah 32:18


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