Easter is even better than you think


Easter is the best day of the year.  It is THE most important day in history and that includes my history.   My reasons are simple.

1. Jesus rose from the dead proving that his payment for sin was accepted and that he alone gives life.

2. I trusted Jesus as my Savior on Easter in 1988.  He changed my life.

3.  My son was born on Easter.

Yep!  That is a good day.  Resurrection Sunday is worth the celebration, but I realized this year that it is even better than I thought.

As I worshiped at our church’s Good Friday service, we sang these words:

Jesus paid it all,
All to Him I owe;
Sin had left a crimson stain,
He washed it white as snow.

Those are familiar truths that I have sung and read in the Bible many times.  You probably have as well.  But… as God is prone to do… he made it new.

“He washed it white as snow.”

Those are the words that got stuck in my heart.  “White as snow?”

I felt like God whispered in my ear…“You don’t receive my forgiveness like that nor do you give forgiveness like that.

Ouch, Lord!

Yet, my heart swelled because Easter means that kind of forgiveness is available.  Easter means that I can enjoy it and freely give it.

The problem is that sometimes I want to hold onto the guilt of my sin.  It seems too easy to say “Lord, I sinned.  Forgive me.”  Sometimes, I feel like I need to suffer a little.  I need to wear the shame for a while.  Sometimes, I feel like I need to pay a little for the grace.

It’s not true.

Easter is even better than you think.

Grace is free and grace is complete.  I have no part in it.  I have nothing to add to it.  My perverted need to suffer a little denies the sufficiency of the cross and the empty tomb.  White as snow…that is what Jesus does with my sin.  That is what he does with your sin.  White….as…snow.

Thank You, Jesus.  Help us to fully receive it.

More than that…help us to fully give it.

That is a challenge.  Sometimes, I am tempted to demand others be reaaallllly sorry for their sin before I fully forgive them.  Sometimes, it is like I need to be convinced that repentance is genuine and that pain has been felt before giving “white as snow” kind of forgiveness.

I have no right.

You have no right.

Jesus already suffered it. Jesus already bore it.  Jesus already paid for it…in full.

Let’s not try to add anything to that.  Let’s receive it.  Let’s give it…forgvieness white like snow.

Easter is so much better than we realize.


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