Waiting for things to be just right?

just right

Waiting for things to be just right is a great excuse for inaction.

I’ve been putting off this post for over a month.  I just haven’t wanted to write anything.  Primarily, it’s because I’ve been frustrated over changes that I would like to make to this blog.  When things are not just the way that I want them to be, I sometimes have trouble moving forward.  I want everything to be just right before taking further action.  That is a fairly poor life strategy.

BREAKING NEWS:  Things are never just right.

You realize that don’t you?  Things are never going to be exactly as you want them to be.  Things are never going to be just right.  Yet, we allow those imperfect circumstances to dictate our choices and stop us in our tracks.  Not only do I live it, but I see it all around me and it is hurting people’s walk with God.

I see people who…

don’t go to church because they haven’t been able to find just the right one.

don’t share their faith because it is never just the right time.

don’t serve because they don’t have just the right training.

don’t worship because the band doesn’t play just the right songs.

don’t love people because they don’t look or act just the right way.

don’t fellowship with certain Christians because they don’t believe just the right doctrines.

don’t read their bible or pray because they aren’t sure just the right way to do it.

don’t enjoy happiness because life hasn’t come together just right yet.

We cannot allow imperfect circumstances to delay our pursuit of things that matter.  We cannot allow imperfect circumstances to drive us away from God and others.  We cannot allow our need for things to be “just right” keep us from our mission.

So what do we do?

What if we allowed grace to make up the difference between our high expectations and the imperfect realities of people and churches?

What if we allowed grace to compensate for our own inadequacies and trusted God to use our best efforts?

What if we allowed grace to cushion the blow that life isn’t going to be “just right” all the time?

What if we recognize that things may not be just right, but we press ahead anyway?

The need for things to be just right before you act can completely derail you.  I’ve been off the tracks because of this need more than any other.  The truth is that we live in a broken world that is waiting to be restored.  Life isn’t going to be just right…not yet.

For now, clothe yourself in grace and go…share…love…serve…step into the will of God for you.

” My grace is sufficient for you” – 2 Corinthians 12:9

Here is a little more on grace here.

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