Why read the bible?

read the bible

Read the Bible more.

That is it.  I don’t have any stats, but I’d be willing to wager that to read the Bible more is the most common New Year’s resolution for followers of Jesus.  But, here is my question “Why?”

Why do you want to read the Bible more?  Sometimes our motivation is the vital point that determines the value of what we do.

Why you want to read the bible more may be the very thing that determines whether your Bible reading is a burden or a blessing.  I wrote more about that here.  Why you want to read the bible more may be the very thing that determines whether it leads you to grow or flounder.  Why you want to read the bible more may be the very thing that determines whether you keep at it or give up by the end of the month.

Believe it or not, there are actually bad reasons to read the Bible.  Let me give you a few.

1.  I know that I should read the Bible more.

2.  My Pastor…my parents…my postman  told me to read the Bible more.

3.  I feel guilty about not reading the Bible more.

In reality, I’d rather you read the Bible for bad reasons than not read it at all because I believe the Word has power and God can use it under any circumstances.  However, better reasons will bring better results.

When is the last time you took a lot of joy in something because you felt obligated to do it?  How about the last time that someone else’s motivation worked in place of your own?  Is guilt ever very effective?

We need higher motivations if we want our time in God’s Word to be significant.  See if any of these move you.

1.  The Bible is the very Word of God spoken to you and for you (2Tim 3:16).  Pause long enough to consider the amazing nature of that reality.

2.  The Bible is the only source of absolute truth that you have available to you (Jn 17:17).  In a sea of uncertainty, you can count on the Bible.

3.  The Bible is the bright light of God’s provision to guide our way (Ps 119:105).  The world has a lot of darkness.  We need light.

4.  The Bible prepares you to carry out the mission of your life (2 Tim 3:17).  If you want to be ready to do the will of God, the Bible was given to train you.

5.  The Bible will never lie to you.  It will always tell you the truth about yourself so you can grow (Heb 4:12).  Sometimes we can’t see the truth about ourselves.  We need the Word and of course the Holy Spirit.

6.  The Bible can keep you from sin (Ps 119:11).  That’s helpful.

7.  The Bible is where we find life (Mt 4:4)  The end mission of Jesus is to give you life.  The Word is instrumental in that process.

8.  The Bible helps you sort out what matters in life and what doesn’t (Ps 119:37).  Clarity on this point really helps.

9.  The Bible will comfort you (119:52).  Life can be hard.  God offers his presence and comfort through the Word.

10.  The Bible contains the gospel that gives eternal life (Rom 1:16).  You need it.  You need to share it.

I think those are ten really good reasons to read your Bible more in the new year and it is just a taste.  The Bible is wonderful and powerful.  I fell deeply in love with the Bible by studying Psalm 119 as a young Christian.  It is the longest chapter in the Bible and it is all about the Bible.  Consider starting there and let it fill you with many more good reasons to be in God’s Word.

I am going to focus on giving some help in the area of Bible study over the next few weeks.  So, please come back.  Better yet, sign up to receive each post in your e-mail automatically.  See you soon and read your Bible.  I said so.


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