Best of 2014


The first year of is in the books.  Goodbye 2014.  Thanks for the support, reads and shares!

I am anticipating more ministry in 2015 through Project M28 and better blogs and material on  You can help by subscribing to the blog and sharing the posts that you enjoy with others.  Most people find the blog through friends that share it through facebook, email or twitter.  Each share helps.

To wrap up the year, I am sharing the top five most read posts of 2014.  #1 wasn’t even close.  It received almost 20 times the average number of reads.  The story of christmas retold was actually a top three post, but it just ran last week and I really wanted #6 to make my year end list.  It is one of my favorites, so I had to move it into the top five somehow.  Hey…it’s my blog.

See you next year!


1. The destructive lie that Christians tell

2. How to have the best day of your life

3. Why I stopped reading the bible

4. You are praying about the wrong things

5.  When “whatever” happens


Bonus:  Most important post of 2014 that no one read

Learning from sin


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